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VGP Assembly consists of a team of young entrepreneurs who have specialized in recreation and tourism. We build luxurious and fully furnished lodges based on a wooden interior, and we also offer high quality Glamping tents. Our combined knowledge and experience allows us to build beautiful Glamping lodges that provide our customers with optimal comfort worldwide. The diverse backgrounds and qualities at VGP allow for versatile and flexible services. Our collective goal is winning. It’s always a personal victory when we deliver a product that matches and even exceeds customer expectations.

We build dreams

Living in a villa and subsequently sleeping in a lifeless hotel room, of withering away in a tent that rips apart at a gust of wind, that’s not a holiday experience you can look forward to. The VGP Assembly team builds high quality wooden constructions which provide our customers with a home away from home. Based on years of expertise regarding professional woodwork, an infallible sense of decoration and always a direct line of communication with our customers, we build dreams every day, worldwide. Besides durable wooden lodges in a wide variety of styles and sizes, we also offer luxurious and top of the line safari tents. Forget camping, discover the pleasure of Glamping with a VGP wooden lodge or safari tent.

Glamping for a luxurious camping experience

For many travellers camping provides the greatest experience imaginable. Spend a weekend on the road, enjoy a well earned holiday or embark on an inspiring sabbatical; camping provides energy, clarity and inspiration. But the cumbersome shenanigans with cheap tents and inferior materials can cast a dark cloud over your enjoyment. For the people who love the flexibility of tents, but demand quality and comfort, VGP offers the entire range of products of “Glamping” is a contraction of both glamour and camping, we offer products of the largest Glamping supplier in the world. All products offer a superior quality, based on superior warranty conditions and long term support so you can enjoy every vacation without worries. Our full service support makes the premier destination for campers.