About Us

About us

What does VGP stand for?

The abbreviation VGP stems from the founders of this company: Tom Vinke, Jorden Groeneveld and Aydin Pluijm. Behind closed (lodge) doors we like to call it simply a Very Good Product! Since we are a young organization, our endless energy and innovative approach are the first qualities that stand out. We are a assembly company that will take on every challenge the crosses our path, with our broad range of skills we are able to do it without reservations. Whether it’s an extension, additive construction, furniture or interior decoration; we are truly a Jack of All Trades.

VGP Glamping sales

Our service goes beyond assembly, we are also a complete Glamping supplier in which we work closely with the largest Glamping company in the world. Glamping stands for “Glamourous Camping”, or camping in style. The luxury from home, at any location worldwide.

Meet the VGP team

Tom VGP Glamping

Tom Vinke (V) is the oldest member of the team and takes on the role of the demure “father” that controls the daily activities in the organization. His cautious work ethic provides VGP with balance in all activities. With an age gap of merely five years between the youngest and oldest CEO, his calm demeanor is probably more rooted in character as opposed to his age.

Jorden VGP Glamping

Jorden Groeneveld (G) is the most experienced builder of the bunch with over ten years of professional experience. With an endless supply of inner motivation his ability to bring up the best in himself also extends to the people around him. He truly is the Diesel engine that keeps the company moving forward. His extensive knowledge of the trade makes him more than a good builder, he is a person you can build on.

Aydin VGP Glamping

Aydin van der Pluijm (P) has travelled a completely different path to woodwork. He is the kind of person that takes on every challenge that crosses his path, this is clearly visible in his ten year experience as a youth care professional. Each time he takes on a challenge he conquers and grows. With his education in ship interior construction he was able to further enhance his skill set, resulting in an ambitious carpenter with a open mind.