Our Services

Tailor made solutions

Our products are designed to be scalable with an emphasis on quality, this allows us to deliver tailor made solutions based on a high quality and durable product. Because our lodges and tents are placed in all the corners of the world, there will be specific demands and wishes concerning the facilities and custom options in regard of the surroundings. A wooden lodge in a warm and dry climate demands a completely different approach compared to a luxury tent in a cold and moist environment. We will discuss this with our clients beforehand, in collaboration we are able to fulfill each wish and answer every question.

Full service approach

A good lodge is build from an ingenious design, high quality materials and a professional construction. For these three characteristics VGP is the supplier you need. Based on the demands of each and every client we will guide you along the complete route. From the first orientation phase up until the delivery of the project. A chair is not stable standing on three legs, therefore we are also available for service and support afterwards. That’s the fourth pillar on which we provide our services. Ask about our industry leading warranty and conditions without any obligations.

Worldwide service

Although VGP has its roots firmly placed in The Netherlands, our service does not stop at the country borders. Because many of our clients order a lodge or tent for placement abroad, we offer our services throughout Europe and beyond. Not only during the construction, we also supply parts and after sales service, worldwide if required. The VGP team goes far beyond the competition, in our case you can take that literally!